Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

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At WPT Industrial REIT, we understand our buildings impact the communities in which they are located and the people who work inside them. To ensure our investments deliver long-term value for our investors, partners, and other key stakeholders, WPT is committed to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies and practices into our operational, investment, and development strategies. We believe ESG enhances the competitiveness of our business by attracting high-quality tenants, creating competitive advantages, eliminating unnecessary risks, and maximizing long-term stakeholder value.

By formalizing our existing sustainable development and operational guidelines under the framework of ESG, we can more clearly demonstrate our commitment to building a sustainable future.


WPT is aligned with the UN Global Compact definition of sustainability, which states:

“Corporate sustainability is a company’s delivery of long-term value in financial, environmental, social and ethical terms.”

To ensure we successfully deliver long-term value, our sustainability and ESG strategy is rooted in the following Principles:

  • Responsibility: To be responsible corporate citizens through understanding, managing, tracking, and reducing our environmental footprint while delivering value to our tenants, investors, and local communities
  • Relationships: To build on a legacy of integrity and strong relationships by integrating ESG into our relationships with tenants, business partners, and suppliers
  • Results: To enhance results though embedding ESG into our day-to-day business operations and tracking and reporting ESG performance

Please see WPT’s ESG Policies and Principles for more information.


At WPT, we strive to enhance financial and operational performance through responsible investment policies and sustainability initiatives. Responsible investment and sustainability benefit all our stakeholders – from employees and investors to tenants and local communities. We also believe sustainability directly enhances the competitiveness of our business by reducing operating costs for our tenants and attracting forward-thinking and sustainably-minded businesses to our buildings.


WPT is committed to advancing sustainability practices into the operation of our portfolio and we continuously evaluate ways to reduce energy usage and costs.

  • 88% of our portfolio has high-efficiency lighting. The benefits of modern, dynamic lighting systems include the reduction of regular maintenance, occupancy sensing and motion controls which significantly enhance overall efficiency and lowered radiant heating in office and warehouse work environments.
  • Natural light from skylights and warehouse clerestory windows in many of our buildings helps reduce electricity usage and improves the indoor environment for our tenants’ employees.
  • 53% of our portfolio has cool or reflective roofing. Cool roofs reduce the indoor air conditioning requirements and reduce the “heat island effect” by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing heat from the sun.
  • Many of our buildings incorporate motion sensor plumbing fixtures and landscaping programs designed to reduce consumption and promote water conservation.
  • We strive to incorporate recycled and locally sourced materials for our large capital improvement projects and ground-up development. These practices contribute to minimizing emissions related to transporting materials and eliminating waste from landfills.
  • Smart meters installed in many of our buildings measure demand at peak times throughout the year and help alleviate pressure on local utility companies and reduce energy cost and consumption.
  • We encourage our service providers to use cleaning and janitorial products and procedures that reduce the exposure of building occupants to potentially hazardous chemical, contaminants, which can adversely affect human health, building finishes, building systems and the environment.
  • Sustainability also influences our corporate and human resources practices, including locating our corporation headquarters in a LEED-certified building, offering employee incentives for alternative, lower emission transportation, and including LEED-certified professionals on our staff to facilitate increased sustainability in our operational and investment initiatives.


Our goal is to positively impact all our stakeholders through meaningful engagement, collaboration and charitably activities. We work hard to create a culture that values good corporate citizenship and attracts and retains a diverse and talented group of employees.

The health and well-being of our employees is critical to the growth and success of our company. We incorporate annual employee surveys to help identify our strengths and specific areas of improvement and we have incorporated practices like stand-up desks and paid time off for volunteering to promote employee health and encourage community engagement.


We pride ourselves on operating with transparency and integrity. Thoughtful corporate governance and stakeholder engagement provides the foundation for our success by building positive and lasting relationships with our investors, partners, tenants, employees and communities.

Please see WPT’s corporate governance policies for more information.

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